Largest gathering of Iranians ever outside Iran

Celebrating our common dream for a FREE IRAN
A spectacular, exhilarating gathering will be held in the Villepinte Auditorium near Paris on Saturday afternoon, 23 June 2012

Villepinte is expected to host over 150 Thousands Iranian and freedom loving people from across the world to turn up demanding, an end to religious tyranny, the rule of mullahs in Iran.

The symposium urges removal of the restrictions and unjust pressures on the Iranian main opposition group PMOI / MEK who are refugees in Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty in Iraq.

Over Hundres Thousands Iranians celeberate in ParisIn the last year’s symposium, over 100 thousand freedom loving people participated. Among them there were representatives of thousands of Parliamentarians declaring majority vote of 30 parliaments across the globe. In various statements, they called for recognition of the President-elect of the Iranian resistance, Maryam Rajavi and her 10 pints plan voted by the absolute majority of the Iranian Parliament in Exile (NCRI) as a non violent solution to the problem of religious fascism in Iran.

Status quo and appeasement policy towards Iran, motivated by petro-dollars and nuclear negotiations, did not allow such a magnificent event to find its way to public opinion around the world to build a momentum for global support it deserves.

In contrast Ahmadinejad’s apologists, special interest news outfits, and hired pens, in an extensive internet campaign funded directly or indirectly by the Iranian regime, tried their most to discredit this great event.

I would like to ask you to help me this year to publicise this event and its goals in anyways or means you could. following are a few methods come to mind immediately:

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Campaign A:

Post an a few line about this event on your website, weblog using the content, video clips, and photos found on this website in anyways you find it fit. All site contents are Creative Commons for your free use.

Advocate the event on your social network, twitter, user groups or any other internet community which you are a member of. A simple message, just to let the people in your community know that this event is about to happen.

Send a message to you contacts in your mailing list letting them this gathering is going to happen.

Ask your community to help you like I ask you to spread the word.

Campaign B:

If you could, please write an article or a news bit in support of this genuine grass-root movement for liberty in Iran. You could publish your article by posting it to open news websites or sending it to open news website which accept their visitors contribution to news. If you need help finding these websites please contact me, I will help show you.

Campaign C:

If you know other means and ways to publicise this event and raise the issue on the internet please contact me to share your ideas with the rest of my network. I am learning everyday new ways by little hints to move forward.

Final Note:

Your participation in our collective effort can make the impossible happen.

I look forward to hearing from you. I wish to see you in Villepinte, Paris on June 23rd

Best Regards

Your view Counts

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